Deadly Waters

Chip is working in control room next to Ski's sonar station as they track a downed sub.

When they hear that the trapped diver's name is Stan Kowalski, Chip asks Ski, in a concerned voice, if he's a relative. Ski responds that it's his older brother, a diving specialist with the Navy.

  Nelson and Chip exchange glances. Nelson reassures Ski that they'll get him out and heads to nose, patting Ski's shoulder. As Chip follows, he lays Ski's shoulder in a supportive gesture.

As Seaview approaches spot where diver is trapped, Chip and Nelson are looking out windows at sub. Chip says that there's no sign of Ski's brother.

 They watch as Crane heads out to rescue Ski's bro.

 Ski hears weird sound on sonar, Nelson confirms that it's the sound of the wrecked sub's torpedo timers about to go off. As Crane works to free Stan, Chip says the timers are about to go and they've run out of time. Nelson tells Lee to get out of there and Lee says he's got Stan and is heading back.

 Nelson has Chip stand ready to get Seaview out of there as quickly as possible.

  As they get word that the skipper and Stan are back aboard, Chip orders flank speed and evasive action, all hands emergency stations.

Chip asks for DC report. Is told they're dead in the water and power failure in all engines. Watches depth gauge and says if they don't hit bottom soon, they'll be below crush depth. Depth gauge shows red area between 4K and 5K feet. Nelson says they're in a deep trench area. Chip replies that he hopes they don't find out how deep the hard way.

 Ski comes over and asks Morton for permission to be relieved, if there's only a few minutes left, he'd like to see his brother. Chip replies in an understanding voice, 'go ahead Kowalski'.

Crane and Sharkey join them at the plotting table as Seaview settles to the bottom.

As Ski's brother thanks Crane but says he's not sure he wants to die twice. Nelson and Crane tell him that they're a long way from being dead. Just then, Chip comes up and says that he's checked out the air purification system and that it's completely wrecked. Would take a week dockside to fix. Great timing, Chip! :::grin:::

Working at plotting table with Crane when Nelson comes up with computer readout. Nelson tells Chip to prepare the Flying Sub for launch. Chip says there's no way as they're on the bottom. Nelson says that the sensors show that they're actually on rocks with the bow area clear. Chip says the Flying Sub will be ready in five minutes.

Calls Sharkey to help him get FS ready and the two are seen working together inside FS-1. Sharkey says that they're trying to get it ready to launch manually. Chip comes out of FS and says that the Admiral needs to stick with only 3/4 power as the cooling system won't take it. Says Nelson can use the transceiver for communications.

After FS goes down and Lee plans on using Stan's deep diving suit to rescue Nelson, Chip is by the computer and tells Lee that they have another problem, the radiation levels are very high due to the other submarine. Lee gives Chip the conn while he heads down to use Stan's suit.

Chip in control room, checking gauges, leans on periscope island. Patterson (at computer) says "Commander? The radiation from the sub is getting worse." Chip tells Pat to keep an eye on it and let him know when it reached red.

Looks back at the non-working air vents and his men getting groggy. One man collapses. Chip rushes over and has men take him to Sick Bay. Chip calls Damage Control and tells them that they're starting to lose men due to bad air and that they need to do whatever it takes to get the air purification system working.

 Chief Sharkey then calls Morton from Missile Room to let him know that the Skipper just left the escape hatch. Morton's reaction is priceless. Total disbelief. Voice rises in anger as he asks why Captain Crane is going out and where is Stan Kowalski. Sharkey replies that it's a long story and that they're going to try and talk the Skipper over via the transceiver. An upset Chip rests head on hands braced on periscope island while Sharkey is talking. Sharkey asks permission to use the control room monitor and Chip give it and says to lay up to the control room on the double

Chip then has them activate nose camera and pipe it through the CR monitor. Sharkey, Ski and Stan enter control room and Chip demands an explanation. Sharkey tells him how Stan wouldn't go and the skipper decided to 'pick up the marbles'. Chip, icily glaring at Stan, tells Stan that he can give the captain better instructions with a visual. Stan replies that he knows his job, Commander. Chip and Sharkey's glares could peel paint. Waits rather impatiently, though in control, as Stan gives Crane directions. Crane makes it to FS and delivers component to admiral then heads back to Seaview.

 Creaking sounds and shaking in the control room freak Stan who asks what's happening. Chip respond calmly that the hull plates are buckling and orders him to keep attention on the Captain. Stans freaks more when pipe breaks and gushes steam. As Stan flees CR, Chip and Sharkey reach up to pipe and close off steam. Then they watch as Ski drags his brother back into CR and demands he help Crane.

Men are getting groggy. Chip says Lee's cutting it close when Crane adjusts the laser to zap the silt from the Flying Subs intake ports. Says he's hit the FS when a cloud of silt is churned up. But it appears out of the murk.

Sharkey and Chip give Lee an update that just about everything is not working or is getting worse, including the radiation from the other sub. As Sharkey moves away to get admiral on board, Chip asks Lee what he thinks. Lee responds that he hopes the admiral has some ideas.

They welcome Nelson back and Chip heads off to supervise the repairs.
Chip on intercom tells Crane that hull section B24 just collapsed.
Crane sends men down to help.

Panels in CR start sparking. Chip shields one of his men from the sparks and works with others to try and control the sparks and fires. Lee enters CR and helps put out the fires. Lee tries to contact Admiral but gets no response. Chip says the communications system must be down. Both are worried as Stan tells them the admiral is in the escape hatch and heading to the surface. Crane hands conn to Chip and heads to Missile Room.

Crane comes back to CR to find Chip at computer and tells him that the admiral is in the suit.

They rush over to turn on the monitor and watch as a suited man heads up. Chip says it looks like he might just make it. They see the diver getting into trouble. Chip says it's the tanks, they're blowing. They watch in horror as the diver disappears in a cloud of bubbles. Chip turns away, unable to watch anymore as Lee orders the screen turned off. Chip says it didn't have to happen if Stan Kowalski had...then he breaks off and apologizes to Ski. Ski responds that it's alright, sir and that he just can't figure it. Both Ski and Chip's expressions of loss are very poignant. Chip rubs his hand over his face and says, I guess that's it Lee. Crane responds hesitantly that they'll keep trying.

 The two head over to plotting table where Crane tells all crew not working on repairs to lie down and conserve air. Chip slumps backwards against table. As camera pans a bit later, all the crew are lying on floor, Chip is slumped in sonar chair and Lee is leaning on plotting table when admiral comes down spiral stairs. Top hatch opens to reveal Stan. Lee has crew lay forward to the CR to get in diving bell. Sharkey, Chip, Nelson, Crane, Ski and Stan are last five to go. Crane then Admiral are last off boat.