Deadly Invasion

In control room at radar station behind Ski while Nelson watches, they move to plotting table after Crane brings Nelson a warning from Pacific Tracking Station. Is told to take sub up to 90 ft. Chip goes over to helm and gives orders "10 degree up bubble, come to 90 ft."

Chip watches with Crane and Nelson as Sharkey brings one of the objects that penetrated Seaview's hull. They all move back as it opens and gives off a strange gas. All fall down. All pick themselves up. Chip is holding a crewman who has a possible concussion and has "Marco" and "Ron" take him to Sick Bay.

 Lee gives Chip the conn and heads off with Nelson who is taking the object to the lab for examination. Patterson calls to CR to report busted steam pipe in Engine Room and that it will take about 15 minutes to repair. Chip tells him to let him know when they are through.

Chip gets panicked call from Patterson that gets cut off. He sends a DCP down to investigate.

Cut back to CR after Lee and Nelson have examined the spaceship, Lee and Chip are at the plotting table when Nelson calls and says to send the alien object to the General via the Flying Sub. Lee orders Chip to prepare the FS for immediate launch. Chip goes over to hatch.

The FS is shown launching, then cut to Chip coming out of the hatchway that leads down to the FS?  Must be some sort of short passage way, not a direct link up?

 Sharkey calls and they go to the computer where it is printing out data at an unreal rate and they can't shut it down. Lee calls Nelson but gets no response.

Sends Chip off to see what's wrong. Chip rushes to Nelson's cabin only to find the door is slightly open. Finds Nelson on floor, asks if he's hurt and helps him sit up. Nelson says he's just stunned. Before Chip can reply, the lights flicker and Seaview rock 'n rolls. Nelson asks what's going on and Chip replies all sorts of weird things. Harry calls the CR but Lee can't tell him much more than the controls are acting up. Nelson and Chip head off to CR.

Seaview is headed towards rocks (yes, it's that SAME rock formation again!) and the controls won't respond. Chip and Nelson come down the spiral stairs just in time to take part in yet another rock 'n roll session. They all prepare for collision. Nelson calls Engine Room to cut power. They settle on the bottom and Lee asks Nelson why the frozen controls and Harry replies that it must be the electrical beings from the miniature spaceships. Chip asks if they'll remain inactive with the power off. Nelson replies, possibly. Crush depth is 3600 ft??? NOT! :P They turn the power back on and head back to cruising depth.

The command trio heads for the plotting table. Lee asks what the electrical entities want. Nelson says probably SATO 6. Chip replies that makes sense as they'd have control of atomic power and thus the world. Nelson says that he'll take a combat team to SATO 6 when the FS returns so that he can engage the station's self destruct. Lee reminds him that it could easily go the other way in which case Nelson tells him to destroy it with nuclear torpedoes. Nelson heads back to his cabin while Chip and Lee exchange worried looks.

Very very silly big flashy thing to let Seaview know if they should fire torpedoes. *snerk*
As Nelson is confronted again by the bad guy, the signal to blow up the installation is sent. Chip says that perhaps it got triggered by mistake and the admiral would send a countermand. Lee replies that they have a direct destroy SATO 6 with nuclear torpedoes. Chip says, "And kill the admiral?"  Ski reports to CR that torpedoes are ready for firing.
Lee and Chip look grimly at each other and Lee orders them fired.

An explosion rocks the boat and Chip looks at his watch, saying that they exploded prematurely. Pat reports that they've lost control. Chip says to Lee, you know where our course will take us. Lee replies, straight to SATO 6.

The aliens bring the Seaview right to the base. Chip and Lee head over to the periscope as the sub has surfaced. Lee says they're now inside the SATO airlock. Chip replies that it can't be! Lee orders combat team three to the CR room on the double. He and Chip head over to the weapons locker where they pass out weapons to the team. Lee also takes a weapon. Chip shuts the locker then calls out to Lee who turns. Chip hands him the plans for SATO 6.

Once again, Chip is left commanding the boat. :)

Lee heads back to Seaview to get the stuff from "locker B" that Nelson requested. As Lee and Chip head to the reactor room Chip is asking Lee why locker B as Nelson knows there are no suit or gloves in there? They open the locker to find radiation guns. Lee tells Chip that the capsule in the lab responded to radiation. Chip tells Lee that the capsule sent to the General also responded to radiation.

Lee unscrews a cylinder from one gun. Chip asks why and Lee responds that he'd going to fill it to full capacity with radiation. At least this time, Lee gets behind a screen and uses gloves to handle the rods. But Chip is right beside the rods with no protection and places the cylinders on top of rod housing, saying that the cylinders haven't been tested yet at full capacity.
Lee pulls out the rods and drops them on the floor. Chip says they've only used this reactor to recharge portable atomic engines, never used it to load weapons before. Chip hands the gloved Lee the cylinders. Lee sticks them in the rod chambers and Chip turns some switches to charge them. Chip then cuts off switch. Lee takes each cylinder out of the chamber and wipes it down before handing it to Chip who attaches it back to gun. As they reattach both Chip asks what Lee thinks will happen when they fire the guns. Lee says if they're still alive after they fire, he'll let him know. LEE LEAVES THE RODS OUT OF THE REACTOR!!! :PPPP

This time Chip gets to go along to zap baddies!! :::happy dancing::: He and Lee run across their frozen crewmen and exchange looks. hehehe. Bad guy shows up and Lee fires gun. Alien blows up in a shower of sparks. Lee and Chip pause a moment outside the door to the SATO control room and exchange nods. They rush the control room only to get knocked down by bad guys. They are disarmed and slowly pull themselves to their feet.

 Scene cuts to commercial break to allow for stunt doubles to step in. :::snicker::: They again rush the bad guys and wrestle for the guns. Stuntman version of Chip gets tossed by bad guy, but uses his feet to kick the bad guy away. It is definitely stunt doubles for ALL the boys except Nelson this time. Trust me, I can tell when it's not the REAL Chip.  ;)  Then cut back to the real Chip getting tossed to one side. Bad guy comes after him but Lee jumps on baddie's back. Nelson tosses the Garrity creature into his own homing device and the alien blows up. All aliens disappear and the Seaview boys look around and head back to da boat.