Deadly Creature Below

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In control room, Chip communicates with Missile Crew to countdown test firing of missile.
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Riley brings box forward and tells Morton he's supposed to bring it to the Skipper. Chip tells him the Skipper is in the Flying Sub and to be careful with the guidance device as it costs a million and a half bucks. Riley is suitably impressed and grabs it closer as Chip tells him NOT to drop it. Expression on Chip's face as the now nervous Riley walks away is priceless. <g>
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Is called over to the periscope by Riley and spots a raft with two men. Calls special deck detail to rescue the men.   Reports via intercom to Crane in Missile Room concerning the two men in overturned rowboat. Crane says to stand by to pick them up.
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Helps the two guys down the latter and has them escorted to Sick Bay.
Calls Ski and Sharkey from crew's mess down to Missile Room for Diving Bell detail.

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Gets report from Navigation that they're standing by to answer bells. Chip tells them they'll hold their trim and wait for further orders. Arm is grabbed and he is turned around to face a gun pointed at his chest. Calm, even when jr. officer is shot at by baddie. Is forced over to the Flying Sub hatch. Opens it very slowly so Dobbs tells him to quit stalling.
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Not sure where he is when firefight breaks out. After ballast controls are hit and Seaview is heading for bottom, Chip calls over intercom saying that there is a ledge dead ahead so he must still be in observation nose. But then we see him in main control room being told to get a search party to find Hobbs and Hawkins?  Lee and Nelson watch Chip work manual controls ballast panel. Chip reads off depth
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All three are at periscope island when they feel a shudder. They all exchange glances.  Nelson tells Lee they need to follow the FS down to bottom to retrieve the guidance module. Lee orders Chip to take her down all the way. Chip responds aye, sir, to the bottom.  As they head down, Chip continues to work at the ballast control panel. Nelson tells him to keep an eye on it and let him know if there's any change in tank pressure.  Crane calls to order laser gun readied. Chip responds " aye, sir, full laser power on." As Lee aims laser he has Chip make minor corrections to heading.
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As Seaview maneuvers to pick up Flying Sub, Chip is at helm behind helmsmen. Tells Lee they're in recovery position. Is told to bring her in so he reaches over and flips some switches to bring FS aboard.  When ballast tank blows, he is still at helm, reads off depth. Hangs on with one hand as Seaview heads down again.   Is told to empty port ballast tanks in ten second bursts. Then to close all watertight doors and hatches. Reports that all are secured and that torpedoes are disarmed and ready to jettison.
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As creature plays with Seaview, Lee orders Chip to get on the planes as they try to set up for a missile launch into the creature. Impact of missile shakes them free from creature. Chip says they're free, but Lee reminds him that it's a time delayed missile and it will explode soon. Chip orders all hands to prepare for explosion.

My main problem with this episode is the same one Mike has on his site.  The ability of the two stupid escaped prisoners to 'outwit' an entire boat of trained personnel is far-fetched even for an Irwin Allen plot! :P