Deadliest Game - set 14 July 1978
Wetsuit Alert!!!
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One of my favorite episodes despite the silly plot because Chip gets to do fun stuff. <g>

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Given orders to get to Deep Center 'marine' cable coordinates fast, grabs the chart then orders navigational change and flank speed.
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Activates sail camera and watches with Nelson and baddie as diving team looks for cable
Manages the controls for the visual signal from the underwater bomb shelter
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Chip reports that Sparks has traced the beam's coordinates and gives Nelson details about the beam (changing frequencies constantly - 6 different ones observed) usual calmness.
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Gives Admiral latest directional results. Waits patiently while Nelson briefs the baddie, a controlled but astonished reaction to baddie's ravings. Such gorgeous blue eyes! <g>

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Chip reports to Nelson that they've pinned down the area where the beam is. Near 'Waymouth College' where "we used to play them in football." Good discussion with Nelson as to how the little college town could possibly hide a bad guy operation. Chip suggests they started a long time ago, made themselves a part of the town. Nelson says possibly when Deep Sea was first planned. Chip replies that it's construction was Top Secret, only a few people knew about it. 

Speculation - the way Chip says "we played them in football" implies, imho, that Chip may very well have been on the Academy football team.  Not for certain, of course, but the way he says it definitely sounds to me like he did.   We know from "Saboteur" that he did indeed go to the Naval Academy which is where he first met Nelson.  Considering his body type, that he's always cool under fire and can think on his feet, I think he'd make a fine quarterback.  In my universe anyway. lol  I think Crane is much more the body type to be a star runner on the Track team along with the canon fact that he was a boxing champ.

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The General barges in and orders them to take him back to Washington. Nelson replies that Cmdr. Morton can have him there within an hour. When asked if they've found the beam source, Chip looks over at Nelson who lies quite smoothly. Expression is most excellent. <g> General goes off to get his briefcase and Nelson quietly grabs Chips arm and pulls him a bit closer to tell him that there is no need for the General to know until they are more 'certain.' Chip nods and goes off to set up the flight plan for returning the General to Washington.

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After returning from delivering the General, is calm while Seaview is under attack by beam. Nelson is ticked that the General knows the source without being told. Tells Chip to follow him and that they'll change their plans. Nice butt shot heading towards the stairs up to Nelson's cabin. :D Nelson informs Chip to bring Seaview just off the coast and that Nelson will take Sharkey and Ski via the flying sub. Tells Chip to contact President (or if necessary, the VP) about Nelson's suspicions if anything happens to him using a special code. While listening to Nelson, Chip is leaning with left arm on Nelson's small desktop monitor while Nelson packs his briefcase. Nelson and Chip seem very comfortable with each other.

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Badger (Nelson), Sea Dog (Seaview), told to get the "White Horse Complex" to Deep Sea at once. Chip radios the President and delivers Nelson's coded message. Is not at all fazed to be talking to President.  When signal from Admiral ceases, Chip takes minisub to go ashore.

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Comes out of water in wetsuit. Whohoo!!!! <g>  Irwin Allen pays tribute to the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" (which had just come out) by having Chip have a dry business suit under his wetsuit just like James having a dry tuxedo under his wetsuit. lol  

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Chip looks verrrry nice in blue suit!!  Chased by baddies but escapes. Hops over railing onto base. Commandeers military jeep to escape baddies and follow signal.

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Is upset when Nelson's 'death' transmitter goes off. Meets up with Sharkey, they head into shop where Nelson is stopping the transmitter. Helps arrest General.

~*~*Color Enhanced Wetsuit Pics*~*~

Since Chip lands at night, the wetsuit pics are very very dark.  So I ran them through the level equalizer of my graphics program and boosted the image somewhat.   Here's the results.
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