Dead Men's Doubloons

Seen briefly in background after first explosion.

Chip is directing their guest, Capt. Brent to the Missile Room and
 goes over to check out minisub, making notes on his clipboard.

 Captain Brent is intrigued by the minisub, asking if it has limited range. Chip replies that it can go about 500 nautical miles, then heads over to mike by the missile firing control panel to inform Crane that the minisub is ready to go.

 Capt.Brent asks about the minisub's top speed and Chip replies that he's getting into classified information. Lee tells Chip to hold the launch and sent out the divers first and that he'll be right down. Chip tells Brent that they have work to do and that any more questions should be directed towards the Admiral. Brent apologizes and moves away.

Chip heads towards divers, briefs them and sends out first team. While Crane supervises the minisub, Chip, in background, continues helping teams prep and go out hatch.  Nice bit of  background scene work with the extras and Ski.

After we see Brent waylay diver, scene shifts back to Missile Room where Chip is briefing team that will go over the place where other team was lost. As last team enters lock, Chip orders the divers released and checks the time via his watch, making a note on his clipboard.

Lee comes over to him and asks where Henderson is, Chip hasn't seen him either.
Brent, dressed in borrowed gear climbs aboard minisub.

Later, Ski tells Morton that last diving team is back aboard with nothing new to report. Morton tells him to secure the diving mission. Ski says he'd like to make a request. Chip says 'go ahead' and Ski tells him that the team that was lost were good buddies and, if there was any sort of extra or special duties needed, he'd like to be involved. Chip says we'd all like to and that he'll see what he can do. Gives Ski a smile and a pat on the shoulder. Ski returns the smile and thanks him.

Chip is heard over intercom in Control Room asking Captain to report to corridor B and that it's an emergency and urgent. Lee and Nelson leave the Control Room only to find Chip supervising the crew taking the unconscious Henderson to Sick Bay. He tells them how they found Henderson but not his wetsuit.

Back in Control Room when minisub explodes shaking up Seaview. Passes on
command to rig for explosion. Rock 'n roll! Reports end of emergency conditions.

When Nelson gets call from Pentagon about Brent, Nelson waves Chip over to take down the info. Looks over at Chip with look of wry disbelief at the report from Pentagon. Nelson tells Chip the saying 'too little too late' seemed appropriate. Chip responds that it's worse as Sparks reports he's lost contact with the Flying Sub ten minutes ago and its last position was close to where the minisub blew up. Nelson slams down the mike he was holding and stalks off.

Nelson, having been told that Seaview cannot divert its mission, gets even more ticked and hands over command to Chip with orders for Morton to continue the mission checking out the defense system and cables. Chip asks what he should tell the Pentagon if they ask for Nelson. Admiral says, very forcefully, to tell him that he's left to treat an incurable disease, Fleet Commander bullheadedness. As Nelson stomps up stairs, Chip turns back to lean on plotting table, shaking head and pursing lips as he exhales.