The Day The World Ended

Chip is working at plotting table with Crane when Sparks gives Crane message from Admiral saying he has Senator Dennis aboard and they'll be there in ten minutes. Is told to stop the boat and prepare to pipe them aboard.

 Chip asks if the Senator will be needing sleeping quarters (goood XO, lol) but Crane says it's just a short courtesy call and the Senator will only be aboard for a couple of hours. Chip remembers that Dennis is on the Armed Forces Committee, Crane confirms and says he's just been appointed about a month ago. Chip says with a smile that he bets the senator is coming to look at the Admiral's 'special baby'. Crane replies that everyone in the government wants a look at it. Chip asks if he thinks the admiral will show it to the senator to which Lee says in his own time. Lee then tells Chip to set the special detail.

 Shakes hands with Nelson and then Senator. Senator Dennis is from Ski's state.

 Chip relays depth trim and ship status to Crane in nose. After ships disappear off the X-4 display, Chip comes to Lee in Radio Shack and asks him to come forward. Indicates to Lee that there were loads of fish swimming by the windows and now there's nothing.

 Asked by Admiral to get a local commercial TV broadcast on the view screen
as they are within range of a few. Chip can't pick any of them up.

 Takes ship up to periscope depth where Lee sees nothing at all, even though they are in a major shipping lane. Reports that sonar sees no blips at all.

 Officers called to special meeting in X-4 map room where Nelson briefs them. Nelson will go with senator to Washington while Seaview heads for naval base at Norfolk. As the officers leave room, Crane lays a hand on Chip's shoulder as they exchange quiet words on way out of room. Nice friends moment.

 Chip is reporting to Lee that they have the Flying Sub on radar and that Seaview is approaching the mainland. Ski comes up to Morton. Chip asks what he's doing out of Sick Bay and Ski replies that he's going back on duty, sir. Is actually correct Naval procedure as the XO is in charge of all personnel duty assignments aboard the boat!  Crane talks with Ski a bit and Chip asks if the doc gave him a duty slip. Ski hands him a slip and tells him that the doc said he was okay. Chip replies very well and tells Ski to take over the fodometer watch. Lee and Chip watch Ski head over to instruments. Lee tells Chip to keep an eye on him. Chip nods.

As Seaview approaches what should be Norfolk, Chip slows the boat to 1/3 as the fodometer doesn't check with the charts. Lee says it's all fouled up and Chip replies that they let Ski out of Sick Bay too soon.

 Lee double checks Ski's readings and says they're right. Chip says that the charts are right too but the two don't match. Lee has Chip take boat up to periscope depth. Chip says 5 degree up bubble and level off at ninety feet. When Lee sees Golden Gate bridge, he tells Chip they're only off by a few thousand miles and has Chip look.

 Chip sees Golden Gate bridge and says "San Francisco! We're not only off course, we're in the wrong ocean." lol Best line of the Season!!  He continues, "It's impossible, that's all I can say. Our last position check put us a couple miles off the coast of Virginia." Lee says, "That's right." Chip "Then how in the name of common sense can that be San Francisco out there?" Lee responds that it can't be and has Chip take another look where Morton realizes that it's deserted. Lee says it ties in with all the other weird things that have been happening. Chip asks if Lee has an explanation but he doesn't. Lee orders a course change.

Chip gets report from navigational satellite that they are on their original course. Lee and Chip are still confused as to why their position is off Norfolk but they see San Francisco through the 'scope. Turns back to plotting table as Lee heads to radio shack to talk to Nelson.

 Is ordered to take Seaview up to flank speed. After Lee talks to Ski, he has Chip put a guard in corridor outside x-4 room and to keep people from area outside his cabin.

Lee wakes in Sick Bay and asks how Chip got him out of his cabin. Chip says Ski reported to Lee's cabin as ordered, heard the firing and called Chip who came running. Lee asks him if he saw the creature. Chip exchanges glances with Doc and says there was nothing in Lee's cabin and that the door wasn't broken in, but closed and locked from the inside. When Lee heads off to answer Nelson's scrambled call, Chip follows, looking back at Doc as he leaves Sick Bay.

 After talking with Nelson, Lee checks Seaview's position with Chip then
directs him to get shore parties together to comb the deserted N.Y.

 Then sonar picks up a blip and Chip passes on maneuvering orders from Lee.

 Lee frantically calls Chip to nose where he saw huge octopus
about to attack Seaview. Chip doesn't see anything.

 Lee gets more and more upset. Chip tries to explain that what he saw could have been electronic feedback caused by the X-4. Reaches out to grab Lee's upper arm and asks if he's okay. Lee responds that he feels like he's losing his mind. Chip asks if he'd like the doc to take another look at him. Lee decides that the X-4 might be the cause and orders Chip to dismantle the X-4. When Chip starts to object, Lee overrules him saying don't question me and again orders him to take it apart and put the X-4 on a raft, is that clear? Chip says quietly, yes, sir, it's clear and leaves to carry out orders.

 As Sharkey, Nelson and senator head back to FS, Chip reports to Lee that they are ready to set the X-4 adrift as soon as Engineering finishes dismantling it. They are interrupted by the doc calling and saying he needs to see Lee immediately. Lee turns conn over to Chip and tells him not to do anything about the X-4 until he gets back.