Day of Evil

In CR, counting off speed of UFO. Suggests it might be a meteorite, Lee disagrees. Asks if they will investigate, but Lee tells him they are under orders to rendezvous with the fleet.

Ski calls them over to tell them that the reactor radiation level is rising. Lee asks Chip their speed, he respond that it's 60 knots and climbing. As the reactor radiation continues to increase, Lee informs the admiral. Eventually the level gets high enough that Lee orders the reactor damped. Chip informs him that there is no response to the control. They both try unsuccessfully to use the controls. Chip, Lee and Ski watch the level in CR as Patterson tries to shut the reactor down by hand.

 Explosion causes rock 'n roll for all hands. Pat is knocked out and Seaview heads to the bottom. In CR, Lee and Chip pull themselves to their feet. Lee tries to contact Damage Control. Chip says communication must be down like everything else and that if that reactor blows, they've all had it. Lee tells Chip to take over and that he's going below to check things out. Chip acknowledges and turns to help the crews get the fires under control.

 When Lee returns to CR, Chip asks if there were any casualties. Lee tells him that Patterson was badly hurt and was sent to Sick Bay. Chip asks what's the general estimate and Lee replies quietly that it looks hopeless because of the radiation. Chip asks how long a crew with full radiation gear could last. Lee says less than five minutes. Chip asks about the emergency generator Lee hooked up and he says it should be good for another hour. "Nelson" appears and says he has an important order for them. Lee tries to update him on the boat's condition, but "Nelson" interrupts and says for them to prepare a nuclear missile for firing. Lee reminds him that they can't fire without White House authorization. "Nelson" demands the order be followed and Crane turns to Chip and tells him to get to it.

 As Ski and a diving party go out to cut a small hole in the hull, Lee calls Chip and has him double check all watertight doors around the area they are about to flood.

 Nelson and Crane return to CR where Chip is at plotting table. Chip reports the reactor room corridor is sealed off. Lee asks if there's anyway they can get a repair party in there. Chip replies not until they can shut down the nuclear pile. Nelson asks about the rest of the ship and Chip tells him that the rest is within safe levels. Lee says they have some time until the temp generator goes out. The lights fade on cue and Chip says the rigged generator can't last forever, perhaps another ten minutes. Lee tells him to keep it going as long as possible. Chip heads off.

After Lee sacrifices himself to shut down the reactor, Chip and Nelson are at
plotting table. Ski reports to Morton that radiation levels are dropping all
over the ship. They both grin as Nelson comes over.

 Nelson is momentarily relieved, but then says "He did it." and gets solemn.  Chip asks who, admiral and Nelson replies quietly "Patterson, of course" Ski asks if Patterson will be okay, but Nelson says no, but he saved the lives of the whole crew and they owe him a great deal. Nelson asks Chip where Lee is but Chip hasn't seen him since he went down to Sick Bay. Nelson says he'll look for him and tells Chip to get the repair parties working and they'll be off the bottom in no time.

 Ski calls Chip over and tells him he's getting a response on main ballast control. Ski is thrilled and says to the rest of crew that they can get off the bottom. The crew cheers and Chip smiles but tells them to get back to their stations. They all grin and resume their duties.

 Engine Room reports that they're ready to answer bells. Chip gets the boat underway.

 Nelson and Sharkey enter control room and Chip reports that the generator is fixed and they're heading upstairs. Nelson responds quietly to inform him when they broach the surface. Chip is puzzled but acknowledges, then looks at Sharkey, who says nothing.

 After Seaview surfaces, Chip is at periscope. Has deck crew crack the hatches then calls Nelson to tell him they are on the surface and asks for orders. Getting no response, he calls Sharkey over and tells him to lay up to the admiral's quarters and see if he's all right. Sharkey heads off while Chip looks worried.

 After Lee and Patterson's miraculous recovery, Lee, Chip and Nelson are back in CR. Chip is in background monitoring situation as normal. Later, after "Lee" comes back to Control Room and all are aware that Fail Safe has been activated. "Lee" says that Nelson as one of the designers of Fail Safe must have sabotaged it and so should be put under arrest. Chip says "Lee!" with astonishment but Lee says it's an order so Chip acknowledges and calls over Sharkey. Before Chip can order Nelson arrested, Nelson says what have you done with Lee to the fake. Sharkey is confused. hehehe Lee says the admiral has had a breakdown and for Sharkey to take care of him. Chip orders Sharkey to take the admiral to his quarters, but Lee interrupts and tells him to put him in the brig under close guard. Chip tells him to carry on, but continues to stare at Lee. Sharkey escorts Nelson out and Lee tells Chip he'll be in the Missile Room if Chip wants him. As Lee leaves, Chip turns back to the plotting table, laying his hands on it and slumping slightly. Ski gives him a worried look.