Cyborg - set in 1976

Since this was a Chip-less episode, there are no pretty piccies. :P

Guess Chip was on leave and didn't make it back when Lee was told by Nelson to recall the crew to sail as soon as possible. heh Thought it was silly they had Sharkey at the plotting table instead of at least giving another officer a bit of screen time.  Heck, in "...And Five of us are Left" there were TEN+ officers in the Control Room at one time!!  If they wanted to use one of the semi-regulars instead of a generic extra, due to a speaking part, they could have at least given Sparks a chance at the conn. :::grumble, grumble:::

Also, is yet another episode where a N.I.M.R. female flirts with Casanova Crane, in this case, the Bondian named Tish Sweetly.  I know it's written that way in the scripts because Lee is the 'hero' so it doesn't really bother me, but it does make me wonder why so many fanfics have Lee as being more reserved/unlucky with women than Chip when it's *always* Lee the unattached females swoon over/flirt with.  Well, except for Litchka and Nelson.  :::snerk:::.