The Creature (B/W) - Summary

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Tie tucked in episode
Normal Control Room stuff, though they exchange looks as Capt. Adams orders them around.

Chip reports over the intercom that the manta is slowing down and settling on the bottom.

After the small manta is captured, Chip reports to Lee that the men are starting to get concerned about the creature but that the small one seems harmless enough.

As the ultrasonics get worse, Chip reports to Lee that the sonics are starting to take out their instrumentation and could possibly cause a fire.

After next attack by manta takes sub to bottom, Chip reports that controls are out. Is ordered by Nelson and Crane to get the small manta out of the lab and let it go.

Enters lab with Ski and crewman, Adams points to the sign that says Keep Out, but Chip calmly replies that it's the Captain's orders. As Adams yells at Ski to get away from that door, but Chip puts himself between the crewmen and Adams, tells Adams they're releasing the manta, then turns his back on him and tells Ski to continue. Not at all impressed/intimidated by Capt. Adams.

Crane and Morton enter Missile Room with Adams who tries to stop the men from putting the manta in the escape hatch. Chip, Lee and crew stop him. Chip and Patterson hold him while Ski fills escape with water, releasing the little manta.

Chip reports as hull temperature continues to rise.

Reports depth increasing as big manta continues to attack sub. Typical calm under pressure.

After manta attack causes much damage in Control Room, Chip pulls crewman away from steam and helps him to sickbay.

Nelson gets idea on how to make a sonic beam from their sonar array and heads to Control Room where he gives Chip directions to get a team together and disconnect the line leading from the panel to the dish antenna on the bridge, then connect the lead to the hull in three places. Chip heads off to set it up. Makes for a plausible conclusion that Chip is quite knowledgeable about electronics. Bet his degree at Annapolis was Electrical Engineering.  :)

Chip reports to Nelson via intercom that the dish antenna is disconnected and the leads set up.

Another report via intercom from Chip that ship is operational, hull temperature is returning to normal and the manta has kept its distance since they turned on Nelson's sonic beam.

At end, reports that Doc says Adams should recover at least physically. Crane orders him to surface the boat and make cruise speed home.