Cradle of the Deep
tie tucked in episode

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Normal diving stuff in Control room. Nice aft shot as he's at the helm station. <g>
Exchanges quip with Lee about them asking for trouble as they set the boat down in the area. Lee replies that they're begging for it. Both Lee and Chip are uncomfortable with the mission.

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Working with Lee in Control Room, talks quietly with Lee about Clark. Was surprised that Clark went unstable. Very good quiet peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend moment.

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Brings Lee bad news from seismograph that tremors could happen soon.

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When Lee orders him to set a course for home, he replies, "Consider it set."  When told to go ahead 1/3rd speed, he repeats '1/3??' then, when Crane repeats it, says 'ahead 1/3'.

A quake causes damage and they have to put the Seaview on the bottom, have to find a plateau. Chip observes that the area is blowing up behind them and the bottom ahead is too deep. They manage to set down.

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When asked by Admiral how long it would take to get back home, Chip quickly calculates (only looks at chart and at clipboard so must be doing calculation in head) that it would take 40 to 41 hours. Then says that if pressed they could make it in 37 or 38 hours. When Nelson suggests they could run the reactor full, Chip says that at 20 to 30 hours it would burn out. Lee says that if they ran at full speed it would take about 24 hours. Chip responds that it would be cutting it thin. Lee replies that they've cut it thin before. When told to follow Nelson's orders he calls to Reactor Room "Reactor Room, this is the Exec. Vacation time is over. Full power and right away."

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Lee goes to Reactor Room to check on things. Chip reports that they are still on course and at full speed. Remarks that the Admiral might be right and they'll make it back home in time. Lee responds that they still have ten hours. Chip looks at Lee and says "*I've* got ten hours to go, you go get some sleep." then turns away as though he expects Lee to listen. When Lee mutters that he'll stick around here for a while. Chip gets an exasperated look on his face and turns back to Lee telling him, "Not on my watch you won't. I'm the Watch Officer. You go get some sleep." Lee smiles, sets down his coffee cup and responds "Aye, aye, sir." then walks out of Control Room. Rather amusing moment as it's clear that Chip is more than willing to take on his Captain when it comes to the Skipper's health. He turns back to helm to tell them steady as she goes, it's going to be a long night.

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When Lee enters the Control Room the next morning, he sees Chip sitting in the periscope area with a silly look on his face and the other crew members with similar expressions. Under nitrogen narcosis we get to see a verrry nice Chip smile as he greets his commanding officer with "Hiya. Good morning there, Skipper ol' buddy!" More silly smiling when Lee accusing him of going around in circles all night. Chip responds by saying (in a singsong voice) "Circles, we're going around in circles." He continues singing it quietly while Lee tries to get the helmsmen to respond. When Lee confronts him, Chip responds, "Sure, anything my Skipper says. My Skipper knows I'll always tell my Skipper anything." Is absolutely hilarious scene!! Chip acts totally drunk, smiling, and singing. 

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In Sick Bay, is hooked up to oxygen, sleeping off the effects of rapture of the deep.

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Upon returning to Control Room, is very apologetic to Admiral who cuts him off and says there's no need to explain. Lee teases him that he wasn't sure whether to throw Chip in the brig or overboard. Chip replies with a sheepish smile that he's lucky to have a foolproof medical alibi. All three smile. Nice moment between them. As Nelson and Lee leave the Control Room, Chip turns around, giving one a verry nice view of broad shoulders. :D