The Condemned
tie tucked in episode

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Chip escorts the grandstanding Admiral and his Press Secretary/Photographer to Missile Room. Exchanges looks with Crane, then goes over to test hull to help prep.

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Takes over launch control and launches test hull. Tells Nelson 'so far so good' as it hits about half way. Asks Nelson what happened when a shock hits the hull. Nelson explains they speed up the molecules to increase the pressure to compensate for the extra pressure outside. Continues to monitor launch at control console while Nelson communicates with the occupants of the test hull. The hull reaches 36,200 ft. Gets determined look when Nelson orders emergency procedures to bring up the hull after air leak.

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Chip explains to Nelson that a weak spot in the main tank caused the problem and that it wasn't the breathing mixture. Also says they can't find a reason for Tracy to have died.

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Reads off depth as 5,000 ft. Tells Crane the temp is 98 degrees. Nelson sends him to check the air conditioning system. Lee orders Chip to put charge through the hull, but it doesn't work.