The City Beneath The Sea
no tie episode!

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After booby trap damages boat, Chip is first seen pinching bridge of nose as though he has a headache while responding to Crane's demand for an explanation about repair times.  He firmly reminds  the captain that it's difficult enough to work on the elevator planes if they were on the surface and that the fact they're underwater means it will take time. Ordered by the admiral to push the men.  Acknowledges with a resigned 'Aye, aye, sir' as he heads off.
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Listens in shock along with others in Control Room when mini sub
'Atlas' is destroyed by vortex and 'light'. 
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When telling Nelson that there's been no word from Crane, 'like a graveyard between the Skipper and us', and that the last call was four hours ago, is very calm, yet concerned. When Nelson barks angrily how often have they been trying, Chip straightens slightly and replies a bit defensively that they've been trying every fifteen minutes. Nelson sighs and settles down a bit, telling him to keep trying. 

Over radio, Chip communicates with Nelson about missing Crane and location of underwater city.  Tells him they're still having problems with the left elevator plane.  Is told to keep on it and to send a raft to pick up Nelson.
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Nelson narrows down the area that the city must be in. 
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 As they approach area, sonar picks up signs of the city.
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Upon seeing city under sea is amazed, giving a verrrrrrry nice
face shot as he's standing with Nelson and Curley. 
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Calm under fire, orders evasive action which successfully evades torpedoes,
then gets to blow up city.  Whoohooo!!
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Quickly helps the lady diver with her tanks. :::snicker:::
Grins at Lee as his Captain escorts Melina out of the Missile Room.