The Buccaneer
tie tucked in episode

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When baddies take over Seaview, the Command team and the senior crew is surprised in the Missile Room where they are oh-so-very conveniently all working on the mini sub together. They are rounded up and headed to Crew's quarters, Chip is taken to Officer's quarters while Lee and Nelson are taken to the Control Room.

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Talks with Lee in jr. officers cabin (is multi bunk). Irritated and worried about the men.
Asks "How do we get our ship back?"

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Chip and Lee listen as Nelson tells them about his suspicions
concerning Logan and is determined to make a plan.  

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When Nelson returns to Officers cabin after talking to the Capt. of the Lorraine, Chip is lying on the bottom bunk while Lee sits at the foot of the same bunk.

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Nelson has a plan!

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While Crane is cutting missile control wires in vent, Chip warns him to hurry, if they catch him they'll kill him.  Crane makes it back just in time. As Lee and Nelson are taken away, Chip sits down and whistles softly in relief.

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The three plan to through the aux gyro off just at the time the baddies bring the crew their food. Chip climbs into the vent - providing a very nice view of a verrrrry nice rear <g> - and crawls off to warn the crew to be ready for the aux gyro to be cut off.

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The three command officers are escorted to the observation nose to watch Logan gloat as he opens the case containing the Mona Lisa. The three each glance over at the Aux Gyro switch at different times. When Lee flips the switch, the three escape to the Missile Room.

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The crew round up all tear grenades while Nelson and Chip remove the bulletproof clear casing from the mini sub. While Logan monologues over the intercom, Chip supervises the outfitting of the mini sub with the tear gas. Ski mutters "all this for a picture?" and Chip explains it's importance and worth. They finish hooking up the hose to the pump.  Once Patterson is in place, Chip starts the gas.

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Chip asks Nelson how they'll get out of the Missile Room with their tear gas grenades. Nelson grabs the mini sub shield. Chip grins and says "It's like having our own private tank!"

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 Nifty fight in Control Room. Chip jumps over periscope railing (niiiice!) and
knocks a baddie out with a chop to neck.

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Chip appears on stairs with automatic rifle while Logan and Nelson are talking.

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At end, the triumvirate are in nose. Chip, holding coffee mug, looks
closely at the Mona Lisa, then steps back. He says she almost seems alive.