The Blizzard Makers
no tie episode!

Lee and Chip are freezing in conning tower, Chip gives Lee info about their ETA to naval base, says he hopes the Admiral is awake when they arrive. Lee quips that he'll probably be waiting for them at the pier.

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Shocked and stunned when hears that Admiral is presumed dead when jet blows up.

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calm while being briefed and diving boat

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good view of broad shoulders/back as he uses periscope, concerned
yet in control when they surface the boat and see loads of dead fish

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calm in Control room during hunt, heard over intercom relaying info
about beam that is contacting the buoy they find

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briefly tries to rush Melton after the helm is shot up, but Melton waves gun at him,
in control when helm is damaged, quickly orders men to auxiliary steering and get under way

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enters sick bay and tells Nelson that they're at flank speed,
 Nelson shows him the transmitter that Melton was wearing, 
tells Chip to tape the next beep and slow it down as it's a burst transmission

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Plays the slowed down transmission for Nelson and Melton