The Amphibians
mixed tie episode

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Chip is at periscope as Lee enters Control Room, tells him they're 2 miles from the station. They discuss the scientists living in the undersea lab. Some nice smiles. Tie tucked in.

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Back at NIMR dock, as Nelson and Crane discuss the scientists, Chip enters and informs them that only 80% of the normal amount of oxygen was used by the lab.

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Seaview returns to lab, Lee tells Chip to dive and approach quietly
and slowly to try and avoid the lab's radar.

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Lee and Chip are shocked to see a young lady free swimming at 200 ft. They notice her metal gills and realize that Winslow has started making amphibians without permission.

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Supervises divers heading out and tells Lee about the relief plans for the guards. Listens as the lab pings them with their sonar, then helps Lee get ready for his dive to the lab. Lee tells him to get normal ship operations underway and to make noise like there is repair work going on.

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Lee and Chip look a a photo that convinces them that the girl they saw free swimming is the same as a missing diver. They decide to be careful so as to consider the safety of the missing divers.  Are both unhappy as Ski reports that two of Seaview's divers are missing.

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Chip tells Lee that their visual signals and sonar are being jammed and that Sparks says the jamming is coming from the lab. Still calm, but getting ticked.

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Chip is wounded in arm when the explosives set by the amphibians goes off, Lee has Ski escort him to Sick Bay. Returns to Control Room with no tie, holding arm. In nice blood-thirsty moment says they could take out the lab with one torpedo, but Lee reminds him that Nelson ordered them to bring the scientists and their hostages back to Santa Barbara. Lee then tells him to get the protective screen up and running. Chip points out that doing so will slow down repair time. Arms seems fine later when Dr. Winslow arrives aboard

Shows Lee where the controls for the screen are set up and that he'd cut all the speakers except to the engine room, implication that he, working with Chief Engineer, knows a good bit about electrical systems. Heads to Observation Nose, allows Lee through door first, typical Navy protocol. Watches along with Ski as Lee confronts Winslow.

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Chip says that Winslow is no more the man they took out to the lab six months ago than he is Admiral Nelson. Lee agrees and asks if Chip noticed that Winslow was affected when the panel shorted out. Lee suggests the ozone may be the amphibians' weakness, Chip agrees. Is ordered to activate field once again as soon as Winslow is out of range.

Lee tells Chip that the computer confirms that ozone will weaken the amphibians and directs him to construct two ozone generators. Chip says he'll take care of it himself.

Watches Lee on guard duty and wishes him good luck. Warns him of approach of other diver who turns out to be the amphibian girl. Is waiting in Missile Room when Lee and girl get back to Seaview. Helps Lee with his gear, then tell him that the ozone generators are ready. Takes one to Sick Bay to try on girl. The 'Doc' is there. Chip tries the generator on the girl and it works. Chip does cast a concerned or annoyed eye at the girl as they're leaving.

Works with Lee to distract the baddies in the escape hatch as they put grenades around the hatch to blow it. Chip opens torpedo tube while Crane grabs the bomb and they launch it.