Eleven Days To Zero - Color

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Chip is first seen barely visible behind the periscope, working at the chart table as the narrator tells us about the Seaview and her Captain, Cmdr. Phillips.  Too brief a glimpse. :P
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Stands with Crane on dock to welcome Nelson and Dr. Wilson aboard.  Nods politely when introduced.  Told by Crane to hurry the detail and prepare to get underway.  Both rather formal.
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At briefing in Nose with other officers, he is quite comfortable confirming facts with Nelson "plus 12, sir?" Wearing tie tucked in.  Looks up with other officers as Lee comes down spiral stairs.  Gives him a rather cool look then does not look at Lee again as he's given papers by Nelson and follows other officers off screen. 

Speculation - could be that he's a bit ticked about how Crane got on board since it ticks off crew and, as XO, he's in charge of crew morale/discipline.  Also must be hard to see a 'new' captain so soon after Phillip's death, even if he is a friend. 

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Typically cool and efficient giving orders to dive.  Still very formal with Captain. Not afraid to raise eyebrow at Crane's 'all ahead full' order and exchange looks with Chief Curley as they both roll their eyes and shrug their shoulders after Crane has left the Control Room.

Speculation - I've noticed in a bunch of episodes that Morton and Chief Curley seem to have a great amount of respect and even affection for each other.  The COB and the XO must work very closely together in the real Navy.  It also fits a common fanfic premise that both are plank owners and so have worked together for a few years.
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In Control Room as plane drops depth charges, Chip isn't wearing tie.  He is tie-less for rest of episode.  Yay! <g>  Looks serious as Crane explains the secret orders to the crew.
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Chip and Nelson watch the divers from the Observation Nose.
 A nice 3/4 to profile shot of Chip and Nelson watching out the Nose.
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Goes to Missile Room and helps Lee with his wetsuit after the team finds the sonar array, seems quietly concerned about Lee's condition, only real indication in this episode that they might be good friends as the movie novelization states.  BTW, the ONLY thing I like/accept from that novel is Crane and Morton being roomies at the Academy and graduating One and Two.  The author can KEEP the rest of the characterizations, especially of Chip.  :P
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Normal rock 'n roll in the Control Room as the drone tries to hit them.  Gets to do an emergency blow to surface.  Seaview's version is overly dramatic and exaggerated, but the maneuver is based on actual emergency surfacing of subs. 
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Listens with concern as Lee updates Nelson about drone plane attack then later as they pick up Wilson's transmission.
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In Arctic gear on deck with Admiral and Ski as they wait to see if Crane and Curley can rescue Wilson and Malone.  Keeps Nelson apprised of the time left before Seaview has to leave.  Gets to order intercept missile to shoot down enemy drone plane.  Weeeee! 
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Shares nice grins with Admiral and Ski upon seeing the SnowCat returning.
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Orders everyone off deck to prepare for crash dive.
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Turns on the nose camera amid rock 'n roll as ice falls from explosion.